What not to ask a cancer patient ( My personal view) 1) How did you get this disease?You are so young…..

2) What are the doctors saying? I dont like anyone asking me what my expiry date is..How can anyone predict it ?Dont ask me I dont know and I dont want to know.                                                              3) Are you still working? Just rephrase and ask me if Iam still working I dont mind.Dont ask me with a negative mindset Am i not supposed to work?                                                                        4)Again a purely personal choice, dont tell me to take rest.If iam up its coz iam ok.If iam down I will be taking rest.I am not much of an active person ( I dont gym) but I work full time so i guess thats my active lifestyle now.                                                                                              5) I havent become arrogant I havent become rude I have just started enjoying life now coz I know now that each moment is precious. I can go on and on …Please dont stare at me when I walk with a bald head and no eyebrows. ….I dont like playing the cancer card anywhere but a few days after chemo Iam tired so please dont make me say can you hurry up, iam a cancer patient iam tired…( Happened to me yesterday at my eye appointment ). AND yes i laugh.I laugh at jokes.I still have my sense of humour intact. DONT Tell me you holiday at luxury resorts.Yes i do.Not coz i have money coz i am looking at making memories.Not saving money.And most of my trips are sponsored by my relatives and friends so I dont spend money on it.I dont think holidays or resorts define our life but for me time out makes my mind clear and it makes me more relaxed.So dont tell me you have people to sponsor you.Do you really want to know what a stage 4 cancer patient life looks like? How it is to live in constant fear? Even a 10 day blood test scares me coz you dont know your platelet level.Is my hb down? What i go through before a mri or a pet scan? Not blaming anyone but people with no cancer please enjoy your life.You need not visit luxury holiday spots just live your life.You are free of the fear factor and noone can describe you how it is to live in constant fear….

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